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Embelton has manufactured cork and rubber products for over 30 years. Cork is famed for its impact absorption and noise suppression capabilities, and in the case of Spandex, its jointing capabilities. Rubber is also proven sound isolator. Both are widely used to achieve a superior acoustic performance. Embelton offers a number of cork-rubber combination products, primarily gaskets and flooring underlays.

Spandex BrochureSPANDEX

Self-Expanding Joint Sealing System for Concrete

SPANDEX is a cork-based, polyurethane-reinforced material which self-expands on exposure to weather or green concrete. This self-expansion creates an interference pressure within the concrete joint sufficient to seal the joint. No additional sealers are required. Once installed, SPANDEX follows structural movement of the slab, expanding and compressing to maintain a positive seal against joint faces.

For more than 30 years Spandex has been used in a number of civil engineering projects including airports, roads and pavements, power stations, dams and water channels, and wharves and docks.

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Embelton supplies cork sheets for a variety of applications including bulletin board cork boards, drink coasters and gasket material.

Spandex – self expanding cork – has been a core product for more than 40 years, and is sold to concreting companies to fill and seal gaps within concrete. Once applied, and exposed to moisture, Spandex will expand 30% of its volume. It is found in many major installations across Australia and South East Asia, including Melbourne and Hong Kong airport runways.

The company has supplied cork to Kookaburra for over 25 years, used as the core of their cricket balls. Embelton cork is also used as a fire retardant in trains and trams, and is supplied on order to Australian defence forces.


Rubber is an excellent isolator of vibration, and resulting noise. Embelton manufactures and supplies pre-formed rubber sheets, made from recycled rubber to any thickness and specification. It is typically used in gymnasiums and weights areas, and as an acoustic underlay under any type of hard floor.

For information on ImpactaMat, Embelton’s market leading Acoustic Rubber Underlay, visit our flooring underlays page.