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Embelton is world leader in the design and provision of engineered solutions for the isolation of structure-borne noise. Working closely with acoustical consultants, structural engineers, and engineering design companies, Embelton systems and hardware are found in commercial, industrial and residential environments throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East, many in critical environments.

Isolation of mechanical equipment

Vibration and noise generated by mechanical equipment needs to be isolated at the source to prevent it transmitting through the building and causing discomfort for occupants. Embelton offers a range of carefully engineered and tested air, spring, rubber and pad mounts for effective isolation of machinery in buildings.

Isolation of vibration and noise in buildings (Architectural Isolation)

Increasing demand for quality living and work space requires effective design and construction to ensure a pleasant and quiet environment for all. Embelton offers a catalogue of tried and tested solutions for isolation of ceilings, walls, floors, swimming pools, elevators and more, to prevent transmission of noise and vibration through the surrounding structure.

Engineered solutions for critical applications

Embelton has a long history of delivering engineered design solutions to eliminate noise and vibration disturbance in critically quiet spaces such as concert halls, hospitals, TV and broadcasting studios. Visit our Major Projects page for case studies.

Visit our Noise and Vibration Isolation website