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Sandridge Bridge, Melb. Southbank

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TheĀ  Travellers are a series of 10 giant steel sculptures lining the Yarra River in Melbourne’s vibrant Southbank Precinct. Commissioned by Melbourne City Council and designed by Lebanese artist Nadim Karam, each sculpture stands approximately 7.5 metres high, and depict the waves of immigrants who journeyed to make Melbourne their home.

Comprised of almost a thousand individual pieces of 80mm square and rounded stainless steel tubing, some up to 8 metres long, Embelton was responsible for bending the pipes into precise shapes according to the artist’s specification. Using sand filled bending machinery, Embelton was able to achieve tight radii for the metal with neglible cross sectional deformation and collapse.

Embelton has been involved in many metal sculpture installations around Melbourne, and is able to achieve demanding specifications in short time frames. The company is also a major supplier of bicycle parking racks to local councils and commercial developers, as well as handrails and other types of metal street furniture.

The company also has core skills in the fabrication of high temperature metal alloys with numerous clients in the nuclear and electricity sector.