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Warranty Exclusion for Direct Sticking of Embelton Bamboo on Ground Floors

It has become obvious that many customers prefer to direct stick Bamboo to their flooring substrate. This is usually undertaken using a polyurethane adhesive applied on either a strip timber, concrete or particle board subfloor. In the case of a concrete slab, a moisture vapour barrier is often installed under the adhesive.

In all cases where the Embelton Bamboo is installed at ground level, moisture can migrate from the substrate into the flooring product. This is possible in all types of substrate as moisture can be present under a timber frame as well as in a concrete slab, and is due to poor ventilation, drainage or poor moisture control.

Moisture vapour barriers designed for the installation of timber floors on concrete allow for molecules of moisture to pass through the barrier, then pass through the timber flooring, and escape. Due To Bamboo’s immense density (which offers increased stability and longer life), this process does not occur, and moisture vapour that has passed through the moisture barrier can stay in the Bamboo, potentially leading to issues such as cupping, bubbling and growth. This is a result of the construction of all Strand Woven Bamboo, which differs greatly to natural timber.

With this stated, Embelton Flooring does not recommend or warranty direct sticking of Embelton Bamboo on ground floor installations. Any subfloor moisture cannot be allowed to pass into Strand Woven Bamboo.

Embelton Bamboo should be a installed as floating system with Embelton Hush Platinum closed cell foam underlay. This underlay has a 200 micron combined moisture barrier that if taped and installed correctly will eliminate moisture ingress from both a concrete and timber substrate.

In general terms, Embelton Bamboo, if floated correctly, will feel very solid underfoot with little or no movement. This should eliminate any reason to direct stick the product.

For further information about Embelton bamboo flooring please visit our bamboo flooring website here www.embeltonbambooflooring.com.au